Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam? Points to Keep in Mind

This would be the first question on one's mind if you were to ever consider learning how to make money online from a place that claims to be a university. In fact this was the exact phrase that I typed into Google before I decided to join. With the rampant rise of online scams it’s only natural to read wealthy affiliate reviews before giving your money to anyone.

However, most reviews won’t ever tell you every side of the story. It’s impossible–since Wealthy Affiliate is such a multi-dimensional entity.

So what is exactly Wealthy Affiliate and why it is not even close to being a scam?
Wealthy Affiliate is an online university started by two 27 year old Internet millionaires Kyle & Carson. Over the last 5 years they have built it into a one of a kind community that provides all the tools, information and personal coaching on how to make money online.

Where most marketers or “Gurus” are too busy selling their overpriced e-books, Kyle & Carson provide a truly priceless service for a comparatively small fee. They teach you how to make money online the right way by example. They don’t just give you some theories in an e-book and send you off to figure things out on your own. They’re with you every step of the way.

Over the course of a few years Wealthy Affiliate University evolved into a serious community of marketers from all walks of life and corners of the world. With their solid track record of teaching ordinary people how to make their first $100-$500 a day it’s impossible to ignore the fact that WA has become a legend of the Internet Marketing world.

The quality of tools they offer is second to none. The resources available wouldn’t be able to fit into 50 e-books. And personal one-on-one coaching they offer would literally cost you $1000’s at other inferior websites. Kyle & Carson on principle don’t charge thousands because they have a firm stand against what most “make money gurus” are about. Most gurus prey on ignorance of the newcomers to the Internet make money world. They are the real “scammers”.

Another very important asset of WA is the forum. It’s where all the magic happens. There you’re instantly connected to some of the top marketers online. They all share their expertise in real-time and hold absolutely nothing back. The forum alone is a goldmine of Internet marketing information, which could make you insanely rich if you put some time into absorbing and applying what you learn there.
To date there are over 200,000 posts! That’s a lot of information. You won’t find more active and higher quality forum anywhere outside of Wealthy Affiliate.

WA is probably one of the best things that ever happened to the world of Internet Marketing. For a more extensive wealthy affiliate review click here.

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