Finding the Right San Diego Job Description for You

When you send out resumes, read San Diego job description carefully and customize your resume to get that interview! In today's job market, it can take a while to land a job. Many people who suddenly find themselves out of work, use the 'shotgun' approach, sending out resumes for every possible sample job descriptions in Lemon Grove which might be a match. This strategy does not usually produce the best results. Here we offer another strategy that is less time consuming and more productive.

When you look through the classifieds, or on job boards, read the job descriptions carefully. Let's say you're looking for an executive job descriptions in San Diego. Most of your experience is with payroll and accounts payable. The job description indicates the employer is looking for someone with, preferably, heavy accounts receivable experience. “Hey, I can do that – I'm familiar with accounting procedures”, you say.

Here's the problem. Doubtless you know that the competition is stiff and that there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people who are looking for an accounting job and do have years of experience in accounts receivable. Think about the cover letter you might send. No matter how persuasive your letter might be, the bottom line is that you don't have the specific skill the employer needs. Your resume won't get a second look.

On the other hand, if your job skill set matches the San Diego jobs descriptions to a T, you might want to rework or reorganize your resume in order to highlight your relevant experience in accounts receivable. While you never want to distort the truth of your experience, placing emphasis is another story. Maybe one or two of your jobs entailed accounts receivable projects in which you inherited many past due accounts which had accumulated prior to your tenure.

Through your diligent and diplomatic efforts, you managed to reduce past due receivables from 50% to 5% within six months. Now that's something the prospective employer will notice. Include such accomplishments in a summary format on your cover letter and move the relevant entry on your resume to the front. This can get you an interview and possibly, the job. The long and short of applying for jobs is to find those where you have just what the employer is looking for and don't waste time and energy on daydreaming about what you could possibly pull off.

It won't work, 95% of the time. A careful read of the job descriptions, followed up with a persuasive cover letter, showcasing those specific skills and a possible reorganization of your resume brings the best results. Shoot only for jobs where you can walk the talk. Today, it's an employers market and each employer can choose from any number of qualified applicants.

Remember, when the job description is written, the employer describes exactly what is wanted in the successful candidate. Don't waste your time and energy on wannabe prospects. Put your energy into a targeted audience of employers, who want the skills in which you're solid. Good luck!

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