Inginuity : Preliminary Requirement for Success.

The ability to draw can lead to many advantageous careers, when fostered right. Just because you excel in art doesn’t mean your career has to be an “artist”. You could be a cartoonist, art director or even a graphic designer. Artists influence everything. An art director is the one who which picture to put onPostcards and Graphic designers can get paid simply to design Business Cards .Insignificant, but popular, things like that would not be possible without artists. Artists are the backbone of the commercial world designing cell phone ads, consumer product packages, magazine covers, and so many other things. We often take our artists for granted; thinking all they do is draw and paint.

Graphic design is a really exiting career choice, with lots of opportunities. It takes artistic skill and some computer training, but can be very fun! Graphic designers plan, critique and create art for advertisements. They know what attracts the eye. They craft ideas targeted to each client specifically. They use their artistic skill to blend sound, images, and everything together perfectly. They usually work a lot with computer technology to do this. Graphic designers need a bachelor’s degree at least, if not an associate’s.

As an art director; you do exactly what the name says. They simply direct art. This can pertain to advertising, film, video games, internet sites or publications. If you want to know why a heading on a magazine cover is where it is, or why it’s pink instead of blue, an art director would be the one to ask. They know if an apple or banana as a logo will attract more viewers. Or if the fruit should be neon or pastel colored. Art directors specialize in details that other people would usually overlook.

A cartoonist has multiple, unique career options. The “funnies” in the newspaper will never die out. Comics have been around for years and see no end in sight. Also, graphic novels are timeless pieces. This is like a comic book, but it’s more mature. Think of it as being a comic, but the length of a novel. Moby Dick in pictures. Animation for actual cartoons is also an option. Although a lot of cartoons are starting to be computer generated, some are still sticking to the classic method. Making a cartoon for television requires a new sketch for every new position the characters are in, and it acts like a gigantic flip book. Anime is also a huge fad currently. Anime is easiest to describe as Japanese cartoons.

Having artistic flare is a great way to find hobbies, but it can lead to such great, fun careers. Being able to draw or match colors has the possibility to evolve into you being the person who creates millions of advertisements, publications and cartoons. You could become the person who designed every box of tissues in the supermarket, or you could be the reason there is a blue paint splatter on the new iPod billboard. You should peruse your talents, because they might be your shot at greatness.

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